The Music

Looking for something lighter than a dense German Opera or a fat Russian symphony?  MBS Light plays the lighter classics, toe-tapping waltzes, crossover music, jazz, theatre music, operetta, stage music and more. Our tunes are perfect for your morning drive to work, your next dinner party, or your upcoming Viennese waltz! 

​Introduced in May 2011, MBS Light is the most recent addition to the radio services provided by 4MBS.

Visit the MBS Light website for more information.

Where to Hear MBS Light

MBS Light can be heard only on digital radio. Unlike FM radio, digital radio doesn’t use frequency numbers (like “103.7”) to identify stations – instead, stations are identified by their name. To tune in, use the search option on your digital radio and scroll through all available stations until “MBS Light” is displayed. Want to make MBS Light one of your favorite stations? Refer to your digital radio’s operating manual to have it ready at the touch of a button.

Most digital radios receive both digital and FM radio transmissions. This means you’ll be able to hear MBS Light with the added bonus of 4MBS Classic FM, our mainstay classical music station. Two for the price of one!


At present, the MBS Light program grid can be seen only in the monthly 4MBS Program Guide, exclusive to subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber, click the login button below and enter your Program Guide access code.


As a community broadcaster, we can keep our three, unique radio services on the air only with your support. Our affordable annual subscriptions offer a range of benefits, in addition to providing you with three radio services airing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.