Ranging from professional musicians, to teachers, to barristers – our announcers come from all walks of life! More than fifty people with diverse backgrounds and interests volunteer their time to one thing they all have in common – a love of classical music! And, a willingness to bring some of the world’s greatest music to you! 

Some announcers can be heard daily, some can be heard fortnightly, and some go above and beyond to contribute to the efficient running of 4MBS in roles such as programming, administration, program guide distribution and many more.

​​Carol Adair
Josie Askey-Doran
Michael Balk
Karel Baum
Noela Bilington
​Jan Black
Rod Campbell
​John Carrier
Ted Chapman
Gail Cochran
Linda Costello
Anne Darch
​Tim Davison
Jenny Dawson
William Fraser
Robyn Frost
Jim Griffin
Elizabeth Hampson
John Hawkins
​James Haywood
Ian Heap
Diane Hobiger
Terry Hughes
Nahima Kern
Reg Kingsford
Dane Lam
Kevin Lewis
Jessica Looi
Mia Macrossan
​Leslie Martin-Nightingale
Peter McCahon
Peter McDonald
David McEvoy
Bill MacGillvray
​William Norfolk
Lesley O’Dowd
Chadwick Palmer
John Patton
Clive Porritt
Michael Ravell
Alex Raineri
Nava Ryan
​Ross Sadler
John Schuller
Elaine Seeto
Phillip Sharwood-Biedermann
Jennifer Sherwin-Arlidge
Phillip Simpson
Louise Strasser
Anne Tanner
Gary Thorpe
Martin Waterworth
Ray Watson
Sue Webster
Andrew Weiss
Margaret Whyte
​Stephen Williams
Rob Wills