Volunteer Activities - Job Descriptions

Programming: The preparation of on-air programs from the station's library or the programmer's own collection. A comprehensive Programmer's Manual, which provides the essential information for programmers, is available for perusal in the Station's library

Program Guide Typist:
Typing the program listings into the computer from the program sheets. Word procesing skills required and some knowledge of classical music is an advantage.

Announcing (Classical & Jazz): Announcers present programs prepared by programmers or by themselves (depending on the program). Prospective announcers are interviewed by the Broadcasts Manager and, if suitable, are given individual tuition.

Library Supervising: Selecting the relevant CDs for the following days' programs from the Station's library. Some knowledge of classical music is an advantage.

Library Computer Cataloguing: This involves entering details of new CDs into the computerised database. Basic computer skills are an advantage as is a good knowledge of classical music.

Subscriber Support Services:
This involves dealing with enquiries from subscribers regarding TicketSave cards, changes of address, sending tax deductible donations. Good word processing skills and a pleasant telephone manner are required.

Reception: This is an important part of the Station's operations as it is often the first point of contact for potential subscribers, sponsors etc. The work involves answering incoming calls, handling enquiries about new subscriptions and any current activity of the station.

Program Guide Assembly and/or Delivery: Involves assisting with packaging the monthly Program Guide one day a month. Actual delivery of Program Guides requires a couple of hours work per month.

Concert Recording Team: 4MBS ClassicFM records for broadcast well over 100 concerts a year of local and international performers.If you have an interest in recording concerts or being involved in producing the finished product (editing and burning a CD for broadcast) we can train you. Most concert recordings are in the evenings or weekends but production work can be done at any time.

Becoming a 4MBS Volunteer

The volunteer base is very important to the day to day operations of 4MBS ClassicFM. Without volunteers, the Station would not exist and many music lovers would lose an alternative source of fine music.

About 300 volunteers keep 4MBS on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are dedicated people who are interested in community radio, fine music, the association with other music lovers and supporting the vast range of local talent.

Volunteers bring a diverse range of talents to 4MBS. The amount of time involved in volunteer activities varies with the activity concerned and the time the volunteer can give. Some volunteers make very valuable contributions to the operation of 4MBS by giving just an hour or two a month, or an hour or two a week. Others are involved on a more regular basis.

Another good aspect about becoming a 4MBS volunteer is that it can provide very valuable job skills for people currently seeking employment in many different fields.

If you would like to know more about becoming a 4MBS volunteer,
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